Structured cabling

Choosing the correct cable for your requirements, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7.

Cable speeds, Bandwidths, Data carrying capacity, cable lengths all are factors when considering cable installation.

Advise, Survey, Install, Maintain.

Fibre optics

Single mode OS1, OS2. Multimode OM3, OM4

Network backbone, Connecting outbuildings and office floors, sub cabinets, further than the required 90M standard of structured cabling.

Greater data carrying capacity, more bandwidth, faster speeds

Advise, Survey, Install, Maintain


Testing your Network provides assurances that your telecommunication links have the capability to supply your users.

New cabling standards are continuously being developed so your structured cabling and fibre optics needs to be tested to the correct standards.

Testing troublesome existing links, rectifying problems or advising on preferable upgrade options to benefit you.